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Cheer Leaders Wanted

The Dr. Jerry Oguzie Foundation and Trust - JOFAT is in need of Cheer Leaders.

JOFAT is a NOT FOR PROFIT Organization that has over the years assisted in its own way to ameliorate the sufferings of Nigerians with her programs such as

Operation feed the people
Operation clothe the naked
Operation visit the prisoner
Operation visit the sick

Each of these programs costs us money to execute and since we have limited funds, we usually appeal to public spirited persons to donate towards the cause of the Foundation. And we have usually received support in that line.

The programs are carried out on quarterly basis with the Operation feed the people being the last in a year.

It is for the purpose of these programs that JOFAT is currently soliciting for Cheer Leaders.

Cheer Leaders are basically persons who have interest in promoting the programs of the Foundation and have the capacity to help her raise funds for such programs.

There is no discrimination in engaging any person who indicates interest in this regard and there's no ceiling on the amount that can be raised as no amount is too small to come in handy.

In appreciation of their efforts, our Cheer Leaders are usually rewarded with Certificates of Appreciation aside the 25% commission on the amount of money they helped to raise.

If you are touched by the plight of many Nigerians who go hungry or naked or get sick but have no help, then join us and let's put a smile on someone's lips even if it is just for a while

You can reach us on:

Blog:            www.jofat1995.blogspot.com
Email:         jofat1995(At)gmail.com

Twitter:      https://twitter.com/jofat1995

Phone:                 +2348086595477

Waiting to hear from you

Dr. Jerry - the First Oguzie: JP
Chief Promoter - JOFAT
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