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The season of winter is here, the season to show extra-ordinary love to neighbours and other persons not even distantly related. The season to be humane.

Millions of Nigerians live below the poverty line that is earning less than 2 dollars a day,

A lot of people out there are unable to find one good meal a day

In continuation of our “acts of charity”, the DR. JERRY OGUZIE FOUNDATION AND TRUST (JOFAT) launch their 2013 last quarter campaign titled OPERATION FEED THE HUNGRY.

This campaign is meant to provide one food item for those identified as extremely hungry which hopefully would take them for at least 3 servings.

The activity would take place as follows:

Date:                     21st December 2013
Location:              Jiwa – AMAC FCT
Venue:                  Assembly Hall of Government Secondary School Jiwa
Time:                    1 – 2pm
Target to be fed:  2000 persons
Food item:                 Rice
Others:                 tinned tomotoes, seasonings

We request you to join in raising a food bank for this purpose

Bags of rice:                     30
Cartons of tinned tomatoes:            25 
Seasonings:                      maggi, knorr, onga e.t.c.

This campaign is dedicated to TREVOR SIMS an American Boy who died of cancer – rhabdomyosarcoma - at the age of 11 years and whose dying wish was to “Feed the Hungry”.


Office:      Suite 37, Left Wing, 1st Floor, Nandu Plaza (before the former Corporate Affairs Commission office) Zone 5 Wuse Abuja

Postal:      POB 4918, Garki GPO Area 10 Garki Abuja

Email:      jofat1995@yahoo.com

Twitter:          @jofat1995

Facebook:            www.facebook.com/jofat1995

Blog:               www.jofat1995.blogspot.com

Phone:            0808 659 5477, 0817 319 5555

We would greatly appreciate it if all donations come in by the 18th of December 2013.

All donations and the donors would be gratefully and publicly acknowledged

Thank you

Dr. Jerry – the First Oguzie
President - JOFAT
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