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About Us

JOFAT is a not for profit, non political, non religious, gender sensitive, voluntary Organization founded, established and funded by Amb. Sir, Dr. Jerry – the First Oguzie: JP in 1995.
JOFAT was founded as a veritable tool to reach out to the under- and – less priviledged, the poorest of the poor and all who suffer lack in various ways.
These therefore are the core objectives of the Foundation:

1. To be involved in yearly lectures on Public Health issues and other topics of interest to the Public

2. To contribute to the growth of education for indigent persons by offering Scholarships/Book subsidies/Bursaries

3. To organize Seminars/Symposium/Workshop on Human Resource Development

4. To contribute to the growth of health care delivery in the Country by organizing Medical Outreaches and Free Medical Services

5. To contribute to the emancipation of the helpless through Capacity and Consensus Building

6. To institute awards and prizes for best graduating students in Secondary and Tertiary Institutions.

In summary the main goals of the Foundation are:

* Public Health

*  Capacity Building

* Medical Missions

* Education/Training

* Empowerment

In the Empowerment Component, the Foundation has a vision of establishing small scale industries in the rural Communities with a view to generating employment and enhancing the financial capacity of the rural dwellers thus improving their economic standards. We have Business Plans for the small scale industries that we would like to establish in the rural Communities

Believing also that Spiritual Empowerment is necessary for a balanced mind, the Foundation in 2010 and 2011 single handedly organised a 3 day Revival Crusade in the Amuzu Community in Amaimo in the Ikeduru Local Government of Imo State
In the Capacity Building Component, the Foundation also has the vision of training rural dwellers in the acquisition of skills that would help them earn a living.
In the Education/Training Component, the Foundation has organised a Youth Conference for the Youths of Amuzu Community Amaimo in the Ikeduru Local Government Area of Imo State in 2010 and would like to continue that programme in other Communities

In 2010 the Foundation was formally registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission as a legal entity with the Registration Number RC 34624.
Thus it is empowered to carry our her activities through voluntary contributions of the Founders and also to seek support from the Public by way of donations in cash or kind.
The Foundation is thus using this medium to solicit for support (logistics/technical), partnerships, sponsorship, contacts, referrals and such that could enable her meet up with the challenges of the times.
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