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Tuesday 26.03.13:                            2nd Session - Quiz 4

Without using a calculator, please calculate this
You are driving a bus from Owerri to Amaimo Haven in Imo .
In Owerrri , twenty people got on the bus. In Orji , six people got off the bus and nine people got on. In Obilubi , two people got off and four got on. In Akabo , eleven people got off and sixteen people got on. In Atta , three people got off and five people got on. In Inyishi, six people got off and three got on. You then arrive at Amaimo Haven.

a.      What was the maximum sitting capacity of the bus?
     b.            How many passengers were in the bus when it closed work for the day?
     c.      What was the name of the bus driver?
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