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JOFAT'S Session 4 Quiz 3 RESULT


JOFAT'S Session 4 Quiz 3 RESULT


1.         SHARON CLASSYCHIQ LA CREAMIE 2 hours 30 minutes

frm 4.00 to 4.30=30 mins
frm 7.00 to 8.30=1hr 30 mins
frm 10.30 to 11.00= 30 mins
total 2 hrs and 30 mins
2.         HELEN SAMUEL you spent 2hrs with God
3.         JOSEPH ECHENDU 2hrs 30 minutes
4.         HELEN SAMUEL 4am-4:30=30min
7pm-8:30-1hr:30 min
11pm-11:30=30 min
total hrs spent is 2hrs 30 min
 Tuesday at 6:16am via mobile
5.         NWITE JAYKEBBI OBINNA (a) you spent 2hrs 30mins with God. (b) 4-4.30am=30mins, 7-8.30pm=1hr 30mins, 10.30pm-11pm=30mins . The total is 2hrs 30mins.
6.         WUMI OLADIMEJIFOLORUNSO A. You spent 2hrs 30mins with God
B. From 4.00 - 4.30 = 30mins
Frm. 7.00 - 8.30 = 1hr 30min
Ffm 10.30 - 11.00 = 30mins
Total = 2hrs 30mins
7.         CHIGOZIE AMBROSE AZAKA OMEKANNAYA a, 2hrs 30 minutes
b, frm 4:00am-4:30am = 30mimutes
frm 7:00pm-8:30pm = 1hr 30miutes
frm 10:30pm-11:00pm = 30 minutes.
Summation = 2hrs 30minutes.
8.         FRANK LIFE 2hours 30minute
9.         UGONWA CHRISTIANA 2hrs 30mins
10.       CHIDI UDEOGU Good morning Dr Jerry Question A. Answer is 2hours 30mins. Question B. Answer is you spent 30min for morning devotion' you spent 1hour 3omins in the fellowship and spent another 30mins in your night devotion so the calculation is 30mins+1hr30mins+30mins= 150mins or 2hrs30mins. MY NAME IS COMRADE. CHIDI. UDEOGU FROM NNEWI.
11.       OBIALOR MADU Sir you spent 2 hours 30mins. Details are a) Morning devotion 4:00-4:30am 30 minutes. b) Fellowship 1hour 30minutes c) Night devotion 10.30pm -11pm 30minutes Total:Morning devotion 30minutes + Night devotion 30minutes + fellowship 1.30minutes - 2hrs 30minutes.
12.       ROPHINA BASIl 2hrs 30mins
13.       AGBAZIERE AUGUSTINE The Bible said in Acts 17, in Him we live, move nd have our being:
The actual time u spent with God is d summation of all d time you spent that day.

The entry from Helen Joseph was discountenanced because of DOUBLE ENTRY

The entries from Sharon Classychiq La Creamie, Ugonwa Christiana, Chidi Udeogu, Obialor Madu, Rophina Basil, Agbaziere Augustine were discountenanced because of NON PARTICIPATION in Session 4 Quiz 1

The entry from Agbaziere Augustine was further discountenanced because of LATE SUBMISSION
a.     24 hours
b.    God is always with me, so I spend all my waking and sleeping hours in His Presence  (He lives in me and I take Him to where-ever I go)
For participating in the quiz and setting the table for further participation, all of you are winners.

However there is NO ON POINT correct submission
Congratulations once again to all of you, participants

Remember the 4th and last quiz for the 4th Session of JOFAT’s monthly General Knowledge Quiz would come up on TUESDAY 28.05.13



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