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Session 4 Quiz 4 RESULT


JOFAT'S Session 4 Quiz 4 RESULT


NWITE JAYKEBBI OBINNA Our language for example,"igbo" is called our mother tongue because it is the first language expected to be learned,spoken n understood by every igbo child. It is d native language of the home.
CHRISTOPHER SIPHO MOHLALA Yes its because it the 1st language the teach u frm wen u start to talk
Tuesday – 28. 05. 13 at 6:19am
CHIGOZIE AMBROSE AZAKA OMEKANNAYA In my own view, Our languague is called mother because its the first language a child is expected to learn from her own mother. Before embracing and learning foreign language. It should be a language her mothers tribe n ppl speak before the child will learn other languages outside home. We learn it from home. I mean in the family.
FRANK LIFE Hhmmm, to my understanding, that is d first language a child learn as he or she grows up and ia learn frm home in d family and to crown it all it is a native language that we speak in our mother tongue.
BINTA ONYEBUCHI It is simply because our father never had chance to talk.........
Tuesday – 28. 05. 13 at 8:53am via mobile
JOSEPH ECHENDU I think from my own view it is because our native land is called mother land. There is no father land and not because it was the first language we speak after birth.
WUMI OLADIMEJI FOLORUNSO It is widely believe dat a paticular land or race we originated from bears us as a mother. The language ie tongue spoken by that race is known as the mother tongue.
Tuesday – 28. 05. 13 at 11:51am


The entries from CHRISTOPHER SIPHO MOHLALA and BINTA ONYEBUCHI were discountenanced because of NON PARTICIPATION in Session 4 Quiz 1

a.    Our Fathers seldom spoke!!!!!!
For participating in the quiz and setting the table for further participation, all of you are winners.

However there is NO ON POINT correct submission
Congratulations once again to all of you, participants

Remember the 1st quiz of the 5th Session of JOFAT’s monthly General Knowledge Quiz would come up on TUESDAY 04.06.13




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