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JOFAT'S Session 6 Quiz 3 RESULT


JOFAT'S Session 6 Quiz 3 RESULT


Helen Samuel stremght honour,stability and patience

Nwite Jaykebbi Obinna It symbolises stability,patience,success,strength,patience,goodluck,longeivity, and other good n primary qualities for good life. It has a natural buzz that attract bees to it.

Chigozie Ambrose Azaka Omekannaya An Elephant is one of the biggest and largest animal. An elephant is also a very quiet animal, very patient, can live upto 65 years or more. Longevity, it has strength and honor. It equally have pride, dignity, power and reliability. Elephants is also a dream animal. It sends and come into our dream and send a message that helps us to deal with any obstacle. Any time that you dream about riding an elephant, it means that you are going to be the leader of your family and they will depend on you to defend them. It have immense loyalty n determination, steadfastness, advanced sensitivity and power. Finally an elephant takes care and responsibility of his offspring very well as well as their elders.

Joseph Echendu The specific significance of elephant is ''the adaptable features which make it capable of some intricate task'',and it symbolically represents responsibility.

Adaeze Nzeka The specific significance of an elephant is its extensive repertoire of vocalization against the Bees stinging(ie Alarm call for Bees),also been burden bearers wit strength n loyalty..


The entry by Offurum Chika Harmless is discountenanced because he did not participate in the 1st quiz

ELEPHANT tooth can weigh as much as 9 pounds.

For participating in the quiz and setting the table for further participation, all of you are winners.

However there is no ON POINT correct entry

Congratulations once again to all of you.

Remember, the 4th quiz of the 6th Session of JOFAT’s monthly General Knowledge Quiz would come up on TUESDAY 23.07.13 from 6 am to 12 noon



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